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A sculpture for the Children of Conflict and Climate Change.

The World’s children need our help and I would like to support UNICEF in their campaign for every child in danger, by donating my lifesize sculpture to help them raise more.

Over the last few years we have seen how the conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and now Ukraine have endangered their children, their safety, health and wellbeing. I have watched with increasing desperation how climate change is affecting childrens’ environment, their livelihoods and their futures. I felt compelled to make a sculpture that expresses the desperate worldwide need to care and protect our planet and environment for all children and future generations.

Let’s all do what we can for the children of the future.

We are betraying our children and future generations if we don’t act now. Adults in power all over the world are not listening, they are turning their backs on children, fuelling the destruction of the planet through climate change.

To look after our children we have to look after our planet.

Millions of us are speaking out, millions are demonstrating, millions are fleeing conflict they did not wish for or start and millions are suffering as a consequence of climate change.

We all have the power to change this, don’t blow their futures….


If you prefer you can just donate and follow the campaign.

All funds will go to UNICEF.